The TRI Library is open to anybody to search and browse.  Access to the content, however, is restricted to TRI member companies and to library member companies or organisations.  Private individuals can buy access to various collections through the 'Box Sets' page.

If you are an employee of either a TRI member company or a library member company/organisation, you can set-up your own access right now. Click on 'Sign In', enter your company/organisation e-mail address, set-up your own password, and off you go.  The TRI Library permits access to anyone with an e-mail with an approved company/organisation domain name.

If you are not sure whether your company is a TRI member, you can check the TRI members list in the library (see main menu bar above).  TRI library member companies and organisations are listed below.*

Basic access to the library, as a Library member company or organisation costs $250 p.a..  This is simply an admininstration fee, that helps support the maintenance and updating of our library.  Any questions about access please contact us (see main TRI website for contact details)

* TRI Library Members: 



  • Barnet Products,
  • Basildon Chemical Co. Ltd,
  • Chemyunion,
  • Combe,
  • Davines,
  • Delorenzo,
  • Dow,
  • DSM,
  • Elementis,
  • Fekkai & Bastide,
  • Global Beauty Connections,
  • Grant Inc,
  • Hearst - The National Magazine Company Ltd,
  • Henkel,
  • Herrco Cosmetics Ltd,
  • Innospec,
  • James Robinson Speciality Ingredients,
  • KMI Brands,
  • Kao,
  • Prose Hair,
  • SC Johnson,
  • Sunwise,
  • Spectrum Brands,
  • Siltech,
  • Simplyformulas,


Educational Organisations

  • A*STAR, Singapore,
  • College of Trichological Science and Practice UK,
  • Liverpool John Moores University, UK,
  • Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology, Canada,
  • University of Sunderland, UK, 
  • University of Toledo, Ohio, USA,